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All of the Literary Lyceum materials on the novel are included in this bundle, which makes it a tremendous deal. Over pages of materials and over 50 Powe. Literature , Writing-Essays , Close Reading. Each edition also contains a "Words to Know" section, which students can refer to as they come across d. English Language Arts , Literature. Fun Stuff , Novel Study , Printables. Ethan Frome Reading Comprehension Bundle.

Complete set of quizzes and questions! Reading comprehension questions are an excellent way to reinforce students' understanding. These reading comprehension questions for Ethan Frome cover the main plot points of the text, so that you can rest assured that students know the basics before you begi. Reading , Literature , Reading Strategies.

Lesson Plan for Week 6: General Thoughts and Notes

Study Guides , Assessment , Novel Study. Download, print, and teach. Ethan Frome Themes Lesson. The worksheet in this lesson is specifically structured to directly address the Common Core State Standard about themes. The standard asks students to analyze two or more themes, chart their development, and consider the intersection between these themes.

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That is precisely what the worksheet asks. Worksheets , Novel Study.

Winter Poetry Analysis and Ethan Frome. This poetry analysis lesson serves as an introduction to the novel Ethan Frome. Ideally, you would teach this lesson after students have read through the prologue or chapter one of Ethan Frome.


In this lesson, students consider the way that two noteworthy American poets have examined winter. Literature , Poetry , Close Reading. Novel Study. Ethan Frome: Syn. Note: This product is meant to be used after students have read the book. Novel Study , Printables. Students are broken up into four groups that analyze the end of the book from the perspective of different expert disciplines. For this particular assignment, students either consider the book from the perspective of a histo. Activities , Novel Study , Cooperative Learning. Where student teams compete to break IN to a new unit of study, teaching themselves by solving asynchronous BYOD puzzles in a race against their peers and the clock.

I've had a ton of fun designing and implementing themed escape rooms in my HS c. Activities , Games , Simulations. Ethan Frome and The Smiths Comparison. This engaging lesson ties Ethan Frome to the lyrics of the iconic rock band, the Smiths. Before forging comparisons between the novel and the Smiths' song, teachers can present a quick PowerPoint and analytical exercise on tone to prepare students for the tasks they will face.

The lesson also in. Reading , Literature , Close Reading. Activities , Fun Stuff , Novel Study. Here's a whole manual full of puzzles, games, and worksheets related to Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. Prior to submitting the paper, students can work with a peer editor to evaluate the finished assignment. Typically, I give students an additional three days to submit the assignment, so they can revise their work as needed.

The worksheet is aligned to the structure of the essay, which is modeled as. Writing , Writing-Essays. Activities , Assessment. This bundle of lesson plans for Ethan Frome includes daily lesson plans, activities, vocabulary w. Ethan Frome Mood and Setting Lesson.

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This introductory lesson works well at the beginning of Ethan Frome. The lesson begins with a PowerPoint that reviews the concepts of mood and setting. Even if students have already learned these concepts, this part of the PowerPoint can serve as a good review.

The PowerPoint also contains backgr.

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Literature , Close Reading. Ethan Frome Literary Analysis Essay.

This Ethan Frome literary analysis essay prompt asks students to consider task, audience, and purpose, which is in accordance with Common Core writing standards. There are supplemental handouts and worksheets designed to help students address the writing task and succeed at organizing their ideas. Literature , Writing-Essays. Assessment , Novel Study , Rubrics. In Writing Assignment 3 students write a letter to students in the next class that will be reading Ethan Frome, persuading them that although the book was published in , it is not a dusty, old, has-been book; it has value for readers today.

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Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome
Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome Lesson Plan #3: Ethan Frome

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