Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)

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Al poble, els pares en 8 fan tots els anys abans de Nadal. Exercise 6 Fill in the gaps with the missing words in the box. Un amb cinquanta. Quatre-cents grams. You now go to the local botiga de comestibles. Say: It is my turn. Ask for items 1 and 2.

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Ask for item 3. Ask for items 4 and 5. Say: Yes and ask for item 6. Ho sento, no venem calamars. Vagi a la peixateria. Say: Yes, at the end of the road on the left-hand side, near the square. What shops are there around here?

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On puc comprar postals i segells? Where can I buy postcards and stamps? At the tobacconist. How do you like them? I per amanir? Com li agraden? Aquells grossos que hi ha al costat dels melons.

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Originally a way of recycling dried-up bread, it is a very simple recipe. The tomato is cut in half and rubbed against the bread, then oil and salt are added. As indicated in the quote, it is usually served with a variety of delicatessen-type foods. Language points Expressing likes and dislikes 1 1 Agradar is the verb most frequently used to express likes and dislikes.

This point is also illustrated in the dialogue.

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The element in the sentence already represented by en is preceded by de. Another example is when Vicent says vull pernil i formatge and the shop assistant responds: quant en vol, de pernil? A dos vint. I les gambes? A quant va? Per les bones clientes com tu, a dos cinquanta. However, rice is an essential component of the gastronomic map of all the Catalan-speaking areas, and not just Valencia.

The best-known dish is paella. In Catalan la paella also means a frying pan. Originally, paella was a creative way of making good use of any ingredients available. In part, this explains why there are so many variations. You have heard two further examples in this dialogue. You might have noticed a difference between semblar and agradar. Say: I like it. Ask: What do you think of the mussels?

Say: I like this restaurant. Ask: What do you think of the restaurant? It is reasonably priced and it is very good. Say: Yes, I like it a lot. Dialogue 3 In this extended dialogue, four friends from Sitges, Andreu, Montse, Raisha and Blai, discuss going to the cinema in Barcelona. What does Blai think of this type of place? What do the friends think of Blai? Why is Blai in the bar? What do Montse and Raisha do in the end? Passem el vespre a Sitges o anem a Barcelona?

En fan divuit o vint. Sempre en fan una o dues de bones. Estic molt cansat, molt cansat. Em sembla que americana.

No vol sortir mai. Estic molt cansat, molt cansat? Prefereixo no donar explicacions. Voleu prendre alguna cosa? Home, jo prefereixo anar cap a casa.

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Exclamations are another device used here by the four friends to express their feelings. Another example: quin concert! However, if an adjective is involved it is preceded by que. Another example: que interessant! In both cases a mi is used for greater emphasis. The perfect tense 1 The speakers in this dialogue introduce us to a new tense, which is underlined in the text.

There are a few irregular ones, such as obert from obrir , which you are already familiar with from shop opening times. However, there is one important difference: in Catalan, when referring to events that happened today, the perfect tense is always used.

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This is explored in more detail in Unit Expressing opinions with semblar 2 An opinion can be expressed in a variety of ways. Semblar is used in a wide range of statements, several of which are heard in the dialogue. Pensar tends to be used in more formal situations to express opinions or ideas held. The Language builder contains a fuller range of expressions using semblar and agradar.

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First, consider these examples using semblar. The opposite is mal: mal fet, mal dirigida. The uses of oi and oi que will be discussed in more detail in Units 13 and Li sembla molt ben feta. Que interessant! Doncs, a mi em sembla molt avorrit. Doncs, a mi molt malament. A mi no em sembla gaire rellevant. Li sembla molt mal feta. What can I do? I have spoken with Andreu.

Em sembla que no. Em sembla que. I think so. I think that. No li sembla gens interessant. No li sembla gaire interessant. Li sembla interessant. Li sembla molt interessant. I like it. I like it quite a lot. I like it a lot. I like it very much. I el dinar i el sopar? Poques persones grans berenen. Sobretot berenen els nens. Here Enric talks about meal times. El berenar is a mid-afternoon snack mainly for children but also used by adults as an excuse to socialise and share a drink.

Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)
Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition) Perquè eres la meua amiga (Catalan Edition)

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