The Brimstone Wedding

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How to quell your passion in the intervals between meetings with that new person in your life.

Barbara loses the plot

How not to ask yourself questions about the rightness of your actions. And how to exist once things go wrong, as they surely will. R endell is a powerful storyteller and had me turning pages to see where the plot was taking strong and well defined characters who could be your next door neighbors. There is Lena, the manager of the facility, who unabashedly makes up to dying tenants in the hope of appearing in their wills.


Or take Mike, Genevieve's husband, who can't see beyond his next home improvement project. Vine's literary hallmark.

The Brimstone Butterfly's Syon House The Inner Courtyard July 2011

The wonder is that they can speak their hearts in such clear and distinctive voices and yet retain their interior mystery. Stanley Moodrow is one of the damned -- a New Yorker who has lost every illusion about his sorry city, but who won't leave town without a gun to his head.

His secret of survival is attitude, which allows for meditation in a traffic jam on the F. Drive: "Think of it as a test," he says. For all his survival skills, Moodrow nearly loses his grip when he meets up with Jilly Sappone, a brain-damaged killer who goes berserk when he is unexpectedly paroled from a maxi-maxi prison.

Solomita has affectionate loathing for monsters like Jilly, who beats his ex-wife to a pulp, kidnaps her 4-year-old daughter and shoots anyone who looks at him cross-eyed. With the F. Overburdened with cute devices, the plot eventually implodes.

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  • The Brimstone Wedding.
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But the pace is energetic, and with Ginny at his side to blunt his cynicism, Moodrow seems less morose and more alert than we've seen him in a long time. Putting aside his usual intellectual themes concerning the corruptive political power of church and state, he tears into a brutal adventure in which members of a fanatical religious cult are roaming America committing blind acts of violence.

The Brimstone Wedding

Jenny's marriage is loveless, and she is having an affair. She works at an old people's home, where she is especially fond of Stella, a gracious, dignified woman dying of cancer - whose own secrets parallel Jenny's - with the difference that she may have been involved in murdering her lover's husband. Both a finely crafted mystery and a disturbingly honest depiction of the kinship between love and madness, The Brimstone Wedding tells an unsettling story about the power and the poison of love. If you enjoy the crime novels of P.

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  6. James, Ian Rankin and Scott Turow, you will adore this book. Barbara Vine is the pen-name of Ruth Rendell.

    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding
    The Brimstone Wedding The Brimstone Wedding

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