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The Divine Three

Omniscience and omnipotence are of this category, so that Jesus possesses both, making him equal to the persons of the Father and of the Holy Spirit in knowledge and power. However, Jesus also has a human nature.


Because omniscience and omnipotence are infinite by definition, and because man is finite, man cannot possess these attributes. Thus, in his human nature, Jesus the Man cannot be equal to any of the persons of the Godhead in knowledge or in power. Generally, the Bible speaks of Jesus from the perspective of his human nature, as in the passages you stated. Granted, the distinction between what Jesus knows in his human nature and what he knows in his divine nature is a difficult one to fathom. It is one of the mysteries of the hypostatic union the union of a divine nature and a human nature in the one person Jesus Christ that is beyond our experience and normal patterns of thinking.

The question of authority is more complicated. It involves issues related to the hypostatic union, the economic Trinity, and the ontological Trinity. The economic Trinity describes the way in which the persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit interact with and relate to one another, as opposed to the ontological Trinity which describes the way they exist.

The Biblical Doctrine of the Godhead

Authority is often described in terms of right and power. Inasmuch as Jesus is divine, he possesses equal power to the Father and the Holy Spirit. His divine right over creation is absolute as well. Moreover, his authority even in his human nature is now absolute over creation. It is safe to conclude that all members of the Godhead hold equal authority over creation.

But is there an inter-Trinitarian authority heirarchy? In the economic Trinity, the Son willingly submits to the Father's authority, and the Holy Spirit submits to both the Father and the Son.

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Most people would understand this to demonstrate that the Father's economic inter-Trinitarian authority is greater than the Son's and the Holy Spirit's, and that the Son's is greater than the Holy Spirit's. In the New Testament it is used metaphorically in Heb. The phrase expresses the fact that the Son is both personally distinct from, and yet literally equal to Him of whose essence He is the adequate imprint , The following passages contain contrasts which reveal a distinction between the Father and the Son:. But they had both seen and heard Christ. Hence, he was not the same person as the Father.

There are many grammatical forms which show the distinction between the persons of the Godhead. In addition to plural pronouns e. The Spirit is sent from the Father John In the beginning Christ was with Greek pros God John He spoke the things which he had seen with Greek para him John , and he came forth from the Father John All created things are of the Father, and through Christ 1 Corinthians Through Christ we have access in the Spirit unto the Father Ephesians Conjunctions can also indicate a distinction.

He that abides in the teaching of Christ has both the Father and the Son 2 John 9. Comparative terms reveal distinction. Though Christ did not hold onto his equality with God Philippians —in terms of the independent exercise of divine privileges—nonetheless, in essence he was equal with God John Many verbal forms indicate that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate in personality. The Father loves the Son John and abides in him John The Father gave the Son John , exalted him Philippians , and delivered all things unto him Matthew The Bible contains many such expressions which are meaningless if the Father, Son, and Spirit are the same person.

If we were so disposed, not only could we introduce a number of additional biblical arguments, but we could also show that the writers of the first several centuries of the post-apostolic age were virtually one in affirming that the Godhead consists of three separate, divine persons. Before concluding, we need to address the Oneness Pentecostal idea that only certain words may be spoken during a baptismal ceremony e. This exhibits a lack of biblical information on this theme. First, let us note the illogical consequences of such a doctrine. If a specific set of words is to be pronounced at the time of a baptism, exactly what are those words?

Observe the following:. These passages contain five variant phrases. Which one is to be pronounced at the time of the baptism, to the exclusion of the others?

Godhead Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary

The truth of the matter is none of them has reference to any set of words to be pronounced at the time of baptism. Second, the language is designed to express certain truths, not prescribe a ritualistic set of words. Jackson, Wayne.

OM - Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead

Access date: November 13, Topical Index. About Contact. Biblical Monotheism Monotheism is the belief in one God, in contrast to polytheism, the notion that numerous gods exist.

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The Divine Three It is also clear that the Scriptures teach that there is a personal distinction between those individuals identified in the New Testament as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and these persons are in some sense three. It is obvious that these inspired verses reveal three separate persons.

The question is: how can God be both alone and not alone? Note: this cannot refer to angels, as is often claimed, for angels are themselves created Nehemiah ; Psalm , 5 , not creators; and the context limits the creating to God [v. Numerous other passages reveal a distinction of personalities within the Godhead: In Genesis , Jehovah, temporarily assuming the form of a man, visits Sodom. Note: the language of this verse is applied to Christ in Revelation So they weighed for my hire thirty pieces of silver. And Jehovah said unto me. If Jesus is the same person as the Father , his argument makes no sense!

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Would it make any sense to speak of one being head of himself? Vine observed: In the New Testament it is used metaphorically in Heb. The following passages contain contrasts which reveal a distinction between the Father and the Son: Christ did not seek his own will, but the will of his Father John He came not of himself, but was sent of the Father John ; He glorified him John The Father does not judge, but has given judgment unto the Son John Concerning the matter of their being three persons in the Trinity, A.

Baptism in the Name of Jesus Only Before concluding, we need to address the Oneness Pentecostal idea that only certain words may be spoken during a baptismal ceremony e. Was Jesus the Son of God Eternally? Immanuel — God Is With Us. Works Cited Arndt, W. Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament. Clarke, Adam. Nashville, TN: Abingdon. Cox, A. Cleveland, ed. Ante-Nicene Fathers. Dana, H. New York, NY: Macmillan. Newman, A. Manual of Church History. Robinson, Edward. Sanford, E. A Concise Cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.



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